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BMW 524td


SI Board Battery Replacement (PDF)

Resetting the service indicator lights.
The service indicator lights are reset by connecting pin 7 to pin 1(ground). The proper way to do this is to have the ignition off and place a jumper wire between pins 7 and 1 (make sure you get the right pins!).
See connection / pinout here.  Then turn the ignition switch to position 2 (run, NOT start), when the service light goes out, turn the ignition off. This should take a few seconds for an oil reset, 8-10 seconds for an inspection reset. All green lights should come on when the service light goes out. The difference between resetting the oil service light and the inspection light is in the length of time you have the jumper in place with the ignition on. This means that if you are resetting the oil service light, you should turn off the ignition immediately after the light goes out. If you leave the jumper in too long with the ignition on, you will perform an inspection reset as well and the next service indicator will come up as an oil service rather than an inspection.







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